Good morning status in english for friends

Good morning status in english

Neither live in the absence of anyone,
Do not live under anyone’s influence,
life is yours only yours
Live in your cool nature.
β€” Good Morning β€”

This is our morning SMS service;
In this we wake up the sleeping lazy people;
And after saying good morning, he himself falls asleep;
!!good morning!!

May the morning be a fair of happiness,
Neither the care of the people nor the trouble of the people of the world,
Happy birds music and beautiful weather
This lovely morning of yours.

In the lovely morning, dearly birds,
Sweet ️ rays, drops of lovely dew,
With lovely cool winds ,
A dear friend’s lovely β™₯️ Have a lovely day!
~~~ Good morning! ,

May the first ray of sun give you happiness,
May the second ray give you a lovely laugh,
May the third ray give you good health and progress,
Just now, otherwise you will feel hot.

I bow my eyes and salute,
Heart’s prayers for you,
If you agree, then smile
We celebrate this lovely day in your name.

You don’t have to be great to start
But to be great you have to start!
get up and vibrate with this new
Start the day fresh!

The night passed, then the fragrant morning came,
Heart beat again I remembered you,
Eyes felt that wind,
The one who touched you came to us.

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