Best motivational one line quotes

motivational one line quotes

“The action of doing someone’s work brings in you.”

“The most important thing about success is that it falls on those who work hard.”

“If you do not give Attention to Failure, you will never get success.”

“When you do not think about the destination while walking on the path, then you are on the right track.”

“The work in which the limit of working is not exceeded, then that work is of no use.”

“Profits are not known, but sellers sell memories as a business.”

“Work on your work until you succeed.”

“Luck is not known but opportunities are definitely available to those who work hard.”

“Whoever has spent himself, the world has searched for him on Google.”

“Everybody Says Dont Judge Me, But Everyone Does It”

“If you don’t trust yourself, why else would someone else?”

“Either you get into your journey, otherwise people will include you in their journey.”

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